A Bargain Between Margins


January 13, 2018 - February 6, 2018    

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A Bargain Between Margins

Our urban streets have allowed us to extend the boundaries of our personal spaces, where claims are ordained with mere warnings and writings on walls; and with random objects scattered on the pavement. In her exhibition, Jan Balquin traces back her works to personal experiences of navigating these temporal private spaces found in the streets, from a simple hollow-block in the middle a pedestrian pathway to elaborate combinations of scavenged objects. In it, she continues to explore the possibility to translate and approximate her personal impressions of her surroundings. Her works exhibit the trappings of traditional sculptural processes but confronts the limit of modern-day installations.

Through the artworks’ invasion of the gallery hallway, audiences are forced to navigate the terrains both with fascination and caution. Her unloading of disparate objects and sculptures in various permutations is an attempt to pierce through our notion of objects as art. In exploiting a direct passageway and fashioning sculptures and objects as directional devices, Jan Balquin allows her personal narrative to become a shared experience – questioning what constitutes our “boundaries.”


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Jan Balquin

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