Art Stage Jakarta 2017

August 11, 2017 - August 13, 2017

Vermont Coronel Jr.
For this year’s Art Stage Jakarta, The Drawing Room Gallery presents Vermont Coronel Jr.’s fifth solo exhibition Partial TopographiesIt’s a compilation of images that attempts to reveal the artist’s thought process. Not shying away from nostalgia to imagine new narratives of the city, Coronel creates landscapes through framing fragments that stimulate him. These fragments are far from complete configurations. However, they reflect distinct areas that have precise relations to the whole. It is enough, though, that these are documented and reinterpreted to add to the archive the artist had generated as his memory of a place.  Depictions of graffiti blockbusters, a timeworn symbol of commercial progress, a wall gap used as furnace and banged police cars comprise Coronel’s new collection, tangible traces yet untouchable. They continue to be perceptions distant from us viewers, detached yet they linger.

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Vermont Coronel Jr.

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