Dressing For The Edge Of The World

March 7, 2020 - March 31, 2020

It’s early morning and you open your eyes to disorienting darkness that feels like floating in deep space and the micro rays of light coming through your flimsy bunker appear like sparse constellations. Intuitively, you reach for a switch to your side that gives warm life to three grimy bulbs scattered around this dumpsite of a burrow you’ve called home for almost a decade. In half an hour the great deluge of discards is about to happen and you know that harvest season will be ruthless. With a few swift yet familiar movements you are upright and securing the straps of your exosuit while reaching for a clumsy helmet. You pause every time you stand before the warmth of the metal doorway that keeps the acid vapors at bay, wondering if this is the day you get shot by Bvonetz on the hunt or caught in some Fhulis booby trap. The filtration valves on the sides of your helmet give off a faint cool glow as you slip your head in it. A few more taps and turns of buttons and switches trigger bursts of air from your suit and the space inside feels tighter. You slap the final red knob by the door frame and slowly the massive steel door slides upwards which in effect start to expose your cave to harsh sun. Unwelcoming heat envelopes your body through your frail patchy armor and you take the first step out onto the edge of the world.



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