Everything Lose Its Meaning Eventually


June 29, 2013 - July 20, 2013    

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Picking-up from where I left on the last show, “Everything loses it’s meaning eventually” continues to explore the concept of forgetfulness in the context of Filipino psyche in a pessimistic or sarcastic point of view.

By using faded and blurred images from photographs of family and friends, personal memento and inspirational quotes, illustrates the state of how what was once an important part of life or way of thinking are doomed to be consigned into obscurity. It shows how something that was once so important in our lives, in one point or another, will eventually disappear. What is left is just a faded image that when you look at it, the picture is there but the meaning is lost.

Troy Ignacio continues to tread through the vagaries of memory as he presents new work in EVERYTHING LOSES ITS MEANING EVENTUALLY. In this exhibition, Troy looks at our hoarding or archival impulses towards tokens, remembrances and souvenirs because they supposedly represent mementos of a time past. What does it mean when this cache is revisited? Or what happens when they are not frequented at all?

EVERYTHING LOSES ITS MEANING traces the function of sentiment within the continuum of a particular time, and how the proportionality of the significance of what these objects represent fluctuates and inverses with the virtue of memory.The exhibition will reveal to us familiar silhouettes of objects and receptacles that make up our memoirs and confronts us to think about the degree of emotional gravity we attach, or do not, to them.

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Troy Ignacio

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