The Drawing Room x Dex Fernandez

April 1, 2017 - April 25, 2017

Operating on various layers of meaning, the practice of ornamentation in the hands of Dex Fernandez turns into a play of signs that collide to construct new associative concepts, where the third meaning subsequently produced illuminating previously unseen messages. Fernandez works with found images and material that he collages together to create fantastical figurative compositions, adding further to the mix is another skin inscribed with personal design, esoteric languages, chimera, and imaginary landscapes, all of which serve to create a labyrinth of possibilities.
Embroidery, collage, drawings and painterly abstractions, with an inherent understanding of the postmodern climate in a cultural context. His interest lies on the investigation of found memories and its deconstruction through transformative appropriation.
“My style is highly stylized with multiple layers of meaning. I lend a hand into associating different concepts and bring to light a third, unique message that was before unapparent. From images and materials I collage, hopefully a new endless maze-like world of possibilities take shape- staying true to my unusual personal aesthetic.”
Dex Fernandez

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Dex Fernandez

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