The hem of a long conversation

April 2, 2022 - April 30, 2022

The hem of a long conversation


Curated by Con Cabrera


Imagining identity as a warp and weft, the strands of global influences and local values are woven together through social experiences, cultivation, and ecology. Using fabric as material, the act of transforming and the resulting tactile objects become receptacles of meaning that propel and underpin structures of thought in contemporary art production. This exhibition is a gathering of multi-generation artists whose work reflects homegrown sensibilities and journeys to selfhood. These artists all have personal affinities with the histories and social lives of fabrics, their place in art-making including the discourses encompassing its use and materiality. In convening textile works, this presentation hopes to stitch on the hem of past and simultaneous conversations concerning omnipresent themes of the psyche, the planetary, ideologies, and gestures of care.

Participating Artists

Con Cabrera

Zeus Bascon

Imelda Cajipe Endaya

Ronyel Compra

Marita Fe Ganse

Denver Garza

Sakura Koretsune

Greys Lockheart

Ged Merino

Diokno Pasilan

Tanya Villanueva

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