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March 4, 2017 - March 28, 2017

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march-june 2013
-a week into my stay of nothing days.
nothing to do
no one to talk to
days too long
nights too long
-re read “the stranger” i can relate to mersault. heat is madness.
its a thin line
-drove to barcelona beach. got lost. drove back.
-drove to barcelona beach. took side roads to explore. no beach today.
-i prefer palawan beaches. burned my foot on blacksand.
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time spent with the world
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a few years ago i spent a few months in bicol. a week into my stay i realised why my visits were few and far between. the days were long and empty. days of nothing. nothing and more nothing. nothing to do and no one to talk to. endless days of heat. sharp-cold-bright humid heat that made me lock myself inside my airconditioned room.
i was bored so i drove to the beach. there are many beaches around legaspi but the nicer ones are farther away. a couple hours drive. two maybe three. i picked barcelona beach. i liked the name.
barcelona beach was three hours away. i got lost and had to drive back before it got too dark.
back to airconditioned room.
the next day i woke up earlier and drove to the same beach but along the way the side roads looked much more enticing.
so i took the side roads. i took them for months.
and this was the land.
porous black and brutal. blue cold stark humid heat.
heavy and light. uninviting and lush. stark. lonely. beautifull.
these long drives took me thru landscapes that made me sigh.
and time and again i would imagine myself there. facing a vista stark in beauty,sinister in its blackness that it evokes a kind of solitude and ache.
a landscape of sighs.
i guess this is how it all began. this place rose from the depths one rock after the next; flowing,cooling,rising up until there is sky overhead and wind.
years later at the the studio i painted smething that resembled rock,light,a few skies that wer meant to be sea and the blackest nights.
it was all about the “first look” and how it felt. that untenable sigh.
bicol 2013
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