Translating Source / Encrypted State


November 17, 2018 - December 11, 2018    

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Kawayan de Guia

I’ve been putting together fragments. Like a mix tape.

After months locked up in the studio in Baguio, a space I share with the spirit of artist Santiago Bose, I recently exploited most of my resources for large-scale works. I spend most of my time here contemplating and painting. I ask myself, how long have I been here? The place is a mess, and it lurks of mold. Every now and then, I am visited by a tiny mouse. I find myself alone in this dark place.

I decide to look behind the junk and rubble of found objects, Xeroxed papers, drawings and unfinished paintings. Between now and my last show in this gallery seven years ago, so much has happened: community art projects, numerous exhibitions, films, and even a book.

Around me I find traces, pieces of unfinished business or leftovers… all covered in mold.

I suddenly realize that I’ve been here in this space for over a decade, dancing with dust, dancing with mold, dancing with ghosts.

Like much of my work, a great deal of the job has been in the assembly, the gathering and collecting of objects and imagery. I’ve found myself going back through many layers, like peeling the skins of an onion. I’ve reused images and investigated my gathered curiosities.

Like a mix tape, I’ve put together fragments, translated into this state.

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Kawayan de Guia

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