Boat Recollections

Project Details

Exhibit Run
February 17 – May 19, 2019

Museo de Intramuros
Arzobispado Street
Intramuros, Manila

Boat Recollections

Diokno Pasilan

Two boat frames are fused in the middle, seemingly intent to sail in both directions. The same could be said for the nature of memory and remembrance, in the context of time (sequentially) and the context of experience (association). To remember is to slide backwards across a timeline and bring a memory to the present, as to construct a boat is to follow a predetermined order. What is remembered is always built upon, and a boat harbors its experiences in its journey as scratches across its surface.

Boat Recollections revisits the process of boat-making as a recollection of memory and material. The artist gathers wood and gathers thoughts in the reconstruction of a boat and of a narrative of his emergent practice. The exhibit is reflective of the artist’s treasured childhood spent in a countryside island in the Philippines – his life and art practice enriched by the local communities and their culture.

Participating Artists
Diokno Pasilan

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