Kwentong Kutsero

Just as Ibarra’s memories of the Manila are revived as he is driven in his horse-drawn carriage, Ged Merino’s Kuwentong Kutsero reminds us that the past is still with us. It is simultaneously an act of Proustian remembrance and an imaginative tribute to the hardy kutseros. The very title can be read in two ways: as often tall tales told by the kalesa drivers themselves to while the time away, and as the informal kasaysayan, or history, of this form of mass transportation and their working-class proprietors.

Boat Recollections

Boat Recollections revisits the process of boat-making as a recollection of memory and material. The artist gathers wood and gathers thoughts in the reconstruction of a boat and of a narrative of his emergent practice. The exhibit is reflective of the artist’s treasured childhood spent in a countryside island in the Philippines – his life and art practice enriched by the local communities and their culture.

Ged Merino and Aze Ong: Open Threads at Topaz Arts, Inc


“Open Threads at TOPAZ ARTS features textile-based work by two artists, The GedAze Project, traversing a lineage of contemporary artists pushing the boundaries of textile. Together, both artists have a common thread – from materials and process, to their interest in engaging viewers to interact with the work – the tactility, both a reflection and reminder of familiar objects, and the stories bound within.”

TOPAZ ARTS, Inc. presents Open Threads
an exhibition by artists Ged Merino and Aze Ong
co-curated with Todd B. Richmond & Paz Tanjuaquio

On view September 16 to October 28, 2017

TOPAZ ARTS, 55-03 39th Avenue in Woodside, Queens, NY

More information here.

Studies on Dystopia: Manila

Art encourages to tap the unexplored facets of the hard sciences under the lens without expecting  exactness or accuracy. Because art is highly philosophical, it has the potential to address questions and concerns beyond mere function or utility which is characteristic of science and technology. Art then becomes the human element.

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